Anna-Kat is a singer, song writer and electronic producer. Growing up in rural NSW she was drenched in the sounds of the Australian landscape, Missy Higgins and Paul Kelly.  In primary school her family moved to Arequipa in Peru, where the seed of music as a conduit for human and cross-cultural connection were sown.
Branching out her influences draw from eclectic mix of folk, synth-pop, jazz and world music.
Her mission is to create art that; inspires hope, alleviates sadness, tickles funny bones, befriends with kindness and curiosity, and is a living resource for the mind, body and spirit.

A note of thanks...
To music.  The friend who envelopes us in her bosom; the breathing proof that through collaboration and empathy what once seemed insurmountable, becomes an enriching path to connection and understanding.